Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 13

Lots of progress lately – item descriptions, level up notifications, ability to add skill points on character sheet, combat log for outgoing and incoming damage, weapon damages based on appropriate player skills/attributes,┬ámaximum health/mana based on player attributes, out of combat health/mana regeneration and the ability to equip off-hands with one-hands already equipped.

Most of the new features (at least the ones that can be visually shown) are shown here in this new video.

I recently learned how to use event dispatchers properly so I’ve been having lots of fun and boosting functionality for many of my systems, especially the combat log.

The below image shows how I calculate my damage numbers for all strength-based one-handed weapons.


So lets say the short swords base minimum damage it can do is 2 and the maximum is 5. And lets say our player has a total of 8 strength and 3 in one-handed weapon skill. This would make the min and max damage 2.09 times the base damage, so the weapon would be doing 4 to 10 damage when rounded. Compared to a player with only 5 strength and 1 one-hand weapon skill, this is a fairly significant difference in damage range, especially on a more powerful weapon with higher min/max base damage.

Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 12

Up until now I had been equipping my torch in the main hand with no room for another weapon. Now I’ve made the appropriate animations and modifications to the inventory and equipment system to allow items flagged as ‘offhand’ to be equipped in the left hand, along side one-handed weapons in the main hand.

Note that this does not allow for dual wielding of weapons, only for use with off-handable items such as the torch or my newly created shield item.

I probably won’t be having a dual-wielding system in my game as I think it detracts to much from the usefulness of off-hands in so many games. I want to have the player make a decision between which off-hands they would want to use (if any) in certain situations rather than defaulting to the extra DPS of having two weapons.

Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 11

I took a break from programming and my stats system to do some level design. In this video I take an ‘in depth’ look at the cave I had shown briefly a few posts ago… armed with only a torch. ;)

This entire cave is made of only 4 different rock meshes and 3 different cave ’tiles’ (basically flatter more modular rocks) I made in blender.

Oh yeah, arachnophobia warning I guess. :p

Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 10

I’ve been doing lots of work planning out my RPG’s stat system, I’ve decided to have attributes and skills for the player character; details can be found in this document.

I’ve also spent hours of tedious work integrating them into my game (working with UMG can be so boring when you have to set up dozens of bindings). I have also created a simple blood splatter particle system and given the Short Sword a line trace (hit-scan) combat mechanic to use against the spider I showed in some early posts.

This video demonstrates all of the above as well as creating a character with the new attribute system and setting attributes and gaining experience, a level and being rewarded 1 skill point.

Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 9

Lots more content! New animations, new particle systems, head bob, a torch weapon, a blink spell, a light spell and a dank cave.

I love that I get to just create this kind of stuff now that so much of the tedious back end work is done.

All is demonstrated in this video. :)

Many of the particle effects are placeholders at the moment with recolored/modified default particle systems, but I will soon make my own.

Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 8

After much hard work I finally have a working inventory system and several new items!

The inventory system is based off the official UE4 UMG Inventory tutorial, but I’ve beefed it up with my own additions… including consumable/non-consumable items, text and image based inventory slots and having the inventory save with the character save file.

Just about everything is shown in the video below (25mb).

The scroll and potions are both consumable so after they have been used they are removed from the inventory. The weapons are both non consumable so they can be equipped to CurrentWeapon while staying in the inventory.

I also made a bunch of icons for future use…


And I’ve been experimenting with glass materials and refraction, this potion is kind of ugly at the moment, but you can at least see the glass and liquid inside.


Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 7

Some more UMG, this time with a main menu, character creation and an in-game character sheet. I have also implemented save and load features which store character data to the game folder. All is showcased in the following video. :)

I still need to create a proper inventory system and have that added to the player’s save file as well. At the moment the inventory and spellbook is really just a list of buttons that equip certain weapons/spells.

Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 6

Lately I’ve been working on UMG Widgets, first person animations and sockets.

The following picture shows a socket added to the right hand bone and offset correct to be able to hold various one handed weapons and items I create. I also have a different socket for spell effects as they sit in the hand differently.


This next picture shows the blueprint flow when that particular short sword is equipped. First the Equipped string is set to Short Sword (this is how I keep track of what weapon is equipped and also to display the name of the weapon to the user in the HUD). Next the short sword is spawned in on the character and attached to the socket. Finally, the idle animation for one handed weapons is played on a loop until something else happens.


And here I have a webm showcasing all these features put together with a UI and attack animations. I have also improved upon my previous fireball spell by giving it proper animations which I can then use for different spells as well.

Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 5

This week I have been focusing on level design. I decided to create a tavern out of BSB brushes and simple furniture made in Blender. The tavern is loosely based off Olaf’s Tavern from Gothic 2.


Everything in the above picture is BSB brushes put together in UE4, this is probably the first time I actually planned and measured out something like a real architect.


The materials are either ones I purchased, free textures, or native to UE4.


I also recently got an Oculus Rift. Getting to test my level directly into VR is one of the new features in UE 4.7. An amazing experience to say the least.


The next step was to create all the furniture I needed, I created several different tables and chairs, some railings, kegs and some lanterns. I also created a blueprint for the lanterns so they all have a point light inside them and a physics constraint above them so any force will sway them as if they’re hung up by a rope or chain.


Unreal Engine 4 Adventures Part 4

Just a small update from me today… as well as some surprising news from Unreal!

Engine 4.7 was released the other day with some really impressive additions, many of which I will be making use of, such as the new foliage tool and the in-editor animator.

… But that’s not all, just this morning UE4 became free forever, no more subscription fee! It looks like they are targeting Unity users who went to straight to Unity because of no upfront fees, they are also integrating their new Unreal Tournament into the engine/editor.

I personally know a lot of people that have been avoiding UE4 because of the subscription, so it should be interesting to see how this all turns out.

This week in development I spent some more time modeling, here are some rocks. =)


And here are the rocks put together in my scene to make a cave.


The one thing this scene really needs is some grass! So I’ve been playing with SpeedTree again to make some grasses and shrubs, but I am not ready to show them until I get lighting and optimization right… the foliage tool, for all its good points can be a huge mess if things aren’t set up right. :p